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Valve Seats Replaced

Valve Seats Replaced & Unleaded Inserts

When valve seats are badly worn or have been cut back past their maximum limit, or the exhaust seats need to be converted to current materials to run on unleaded fuel,  we have the facilities to bore out the old seats and replace with modern valve seat inserts capable of withstanding the rigours of modern fuel.

We have refurbished valve seats on machines as diverse as a 1913 Triumph, 1926 Harley Davidson horizontally opposed twin, Ariel Square Four, all the usual British bikes, Moto Guzzi, BMW,  KTM four valve enduro, all the big four Japanese motorcycles and every model of V Twin Harley Davidson.

We have also catered for classic car owners , replacing valve seats on BMC A series, MGB, Ford and Mercedes.

Once fitted the valve seats are recut as described in our valve seats multi angle cut section.