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Job Prices

All Job Prices are Excluding VAT

Harley-Davidson Fixed Job Prices 

 Job Code Job Description  Price
WS020 General Labour; Per Hour £55.00
WS020/1 General Labour; Day Rate £300.00
  Engine Top End ↓  
 WH01 Rocker Arm Bushes Replaced & Line Honed; Set Of 4  £110.00
 WH02 Valve Guides Replaced, Honed To Correct Clearance & Valve Seats Three Angled  £137.50 
 WH03 Same As Above (WH02), But With Valve Spring Travel Set & Clearance Set For High Lift Cams  £220.00
 WH04 Valve Seats Replaced; Set Of 4 £220.00
 WH05 Twin Plug Conversion (Price Can Vary Slightly Dependent On Model)  £165.00
 WH06 Heads Bored For Big Bore Cylinders  £137.50
 WH07 Head Porting from..  £260.00
 WH08 Cylinders Re-Bored & Honed To Correct Clearance In Torque Plates; Pair  £125.00
 WH09 Twin Cam 1550 Conversion Boring & Honing in Torque Plates  £195.00
 WH10 Sportster® 883-1200cc Conversion Boring & Honing In Torque Plates  £220.00
 WH11 Sportster® 883-1200cc Combustion Chambers Enlarged To Suit Flat Top Pistons  £301.00
 WH12 Lifter Blocks Machined To Suit Over-Sized Lifters – Set Of 4  £110.00
 WH13 Cylinders Re-Lined from..  £220.00
  Engine Lower End ↓  
 WH14 Flywheel Strip, Rebuilt & True – (Price Can Vary, Depends How Badly Worn / Out Of True The Flywheels Are)  £110.00
 WH14/2 Check & Set Flywheel Balance  £175.00
 WH15 Fit & Lap Rodraces & Wristpin Bushes  £110.00
 WH16 Lap Pinion Shaft Bearing (Used)  £60.00
 WH17 Lap Pinion Shaft Bearing (New)  £124.00
 WH18 Bore Crankcase Breather Aperture To +0.030″  £96.25
 WH19 Fit & Line ream Cam Cover Bushes  BT  £130.00
 WH20 Re-Claim Damaged Flywheel Washer Surface  £140.00
 WH21 Complete Engine Strip, Inspect & Re-Assemble  £1100.00
 WH22 Bore Cases For big Bore Cylinders; Shovel / V2  £210.00
 WH23 Bore Cases For big Bore Cylinders; Twincam®  £275.00

General Fixed Price Jobs

 Job Code Job Description  Price
VB01 Vapour Blasting; Per Item; Starting From


(Price Can Vary For Size And Complexity Of Each Item, So Call Or Email For Prices) 

WB01 Wheel Building; Each; Starting From £55.00
WS001 Valve Guide Replaced, Honed & 3 Angle Cut; 1 Only £55.00
WS002 As Above – 2 Guides The Same £69.00
WS003 As Above – 3 Guides The Same £83.00
WS004 As Above – 4 Guides The Same £97.00
WS005 Valve Seat Replaced – 1 Only  £110.00
WS006 Valve Seat Replaced – 2 The Same £140.00
WS007 Valve Seat Replaced – 3 The Same  £160.00
WS008 Valve Seat Replaced – 4 The Same  £180.00
WS009 Re-Face Motorcycle Cylinder Head (Starting From)  £55.00
WS010 Rebore, Hone Radius Ports & Clean Cylinder – Single  £55.00
WS0102 Rebore, Hone Radius Ports & Clean Cylinder – Twin   £98.00
WS0103 Rebore, Hone Radius Ports & Clean Cylinder – Triple   £141.00
WS0104  Rebore, Hone Radius Ports & Clean Cylinder – 4 Cyl £184.00
WS0105 Big Bore Conversion  Price On Application
WS011 Rebuild & True Single Crank  £55.00
WS012 Rebuild & True Twin Crank  £140.00
WS013 Repair Stripped Thread; Price Starting From  £30.00
WS014 Remove Broken Stud & Re-Thread £60.00
WS015  Big Sert Thread Repair For Previously Inserted 14mm Sparkplug Thread £65.00
WS016 Strip, Clean & Reassemble Sludge Trap Tube On British Twins £68.75
WS017  Dynamic Balance Crank Rods & Pistons For Bristish Twins – Sludge Trap Must Be Cleaned First Price On Application
WS018 Cyinders Relined  Price On Application
WS019 Triumph Push-In Exhaust Ports Threaded For Push-Overs; Price For Two  £110.00
WS021 Triumph Exhaust Thread Repaired; Each £110.00
WS022  Fork Stantion Straightened; Each £40.00
WD001 Dyno Run / Power, Torque & Fuel Check; Starting From £60.00