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Diagnostics & Fault Codes

Diagnostics & Fault Code Reading

We have Diagnostic equipment to cover all models of Harley Davidson that have used electronic ignition and Electronic Fuel Injection, our equipment also enables us to view real time data such as ignition timing, injector pulse width, sensor operation etc. This is particularly useful when used in conjunction with the dyno as we can run the bike and monitor faults as they present.

Our equipment also allows us to read & clear fault codes and perform tasks such as bleeding ABS brakes & assigning key fobs 

Reading the fault code is only the start, a fault code present means that the ecu is receiving a signal that is out of normal parameters, which could mean the the relevant sensor has failed but can also indicate open or short circuits in the wiring harness, high resistances due to corrosion or poor connections or a combination of all of these. Part of the art of diagnostics is having the skill and experience to understand and balance all these variables.

Contrary to common perception just plugging in the diagnostic equipment does not fix the fault, it is the start of a detective process which can often take many hours to complete. This fact and the high cost of diagnostic equipment is what can lead to costly repairs